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Inshore Trout Fishing starts slow in 2012 but Georgia’s Offshore Reefs, Navy Towers and Live Bottom prove "best bet" for Georgia Offshore Fishing
Georgia Spring Inshore Fishing and Offshore Fishing in 2012

Springtime is here and the fish bite should will be heating up right along with the nice weather… Right on time

.The inshore fishing is finally heating up on the Georgia Coast. A leap in water temperature from the low 60's straight up to nearly 70 degrees has prompted a sporadic, but decent Trout and Redfish bite in various areas in coastal Georgia.

At the top of the list is Sapelo Island and St. Catherines Island Inshore Fishing. The trout fishing is worth reporting there as I have fished with several who have purchased fishing spots from me over the past year. It's been years since I have been able to fish that particualr area, so I was happy to take them up on it.

The Reds and Trout in certain areas are biting live Shrimp very well, of course and my favorite GULP Jig has been a choice selection for artificial bait as well. When they're on the feed, it's a perfect time to throw artificial bait to them.
Low Water, per usual has been particularly slow on trout, but the mudflat and other shallow bank Redfish don't mind low water at all, as usual. The mid-falling tide has been excellent for trout fishing when the feed is on until the tidal level reaches nearly dead low water.

The tide once again, seems to be an undeniable key player in catching numbers of fish. Stay away from the moon tides and sring tides when at all possible. i understand many of you can only fish when you're off work and on the weekends. If this is the case, try to find the greenest water possible before wasting your bait on stingrays, whiting and yellowtails. They're thick this year.

Georgia Offshore Reef and Tower Fishing

As with each and every sring, the short 12 mile run off the beach has proven to be fruitful for Sheepshead on the nearshore reefs again this season. Small crabs are the bait of choice, if you can find them. This time of year it can be tough finding the crabs on the marsh flats. Crabs don't like wind and don't favor overcast sky conditions. Ideal conditions to catch these crabs are a moist flat after the tide has dropped and a warm, sunny day with little or no wind. Of course, one more thing about fishing we must cater to and understand to play this game we all love.

Anchoring correctly over these reefs is crucial to be productive. The fish seem to prefer structure over live bottom, and always have. They hover just outside the edges and tops of wrecks and concrete rubble piles placed on the ocean floor by the Department of Natural Resources for fish to have a home, and home of the Sheepshead they are in the spring! Remember, keep only what you can eat and send back the rest to fight another day and re-produce for the future of the fishery. The larger fish are tempting to keep, but in fact, they are the females in most cases and the key to a flourishing Sheepshead fishery .

Further offshore, the Navy Towers are producing good numbers of Amberjack and a few Bonito. King Mackerel are still spotty, but I predict that will change as the baitfish gather on the offshore reefs and towers.

The bite has become pretty good in the past couple of weeks and I fully expect it things to fully swing into spring mode in short order. I would dare say if you have the boat to fish offshore, a mess of fish is almost a guarantee if the seas allow safe passage to the reefs or navy towers.

The Bottom Line
These longer days are warming the water rapidly Inshore and Offshore. It won't be long and the famed 'Moon in May' will once again prevail on the Atlantic Ocean Waters. Each year, we all rush the fishing by a month or more... And, each year we never learn that it will be the 'Full Moon in May" before the kickoff of great coastal Georgia fishing. Period.
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